Hunting for Pots

You need the right kind of pots to successfully cook in a solar oven.  They don’t have to be special or fancy, but they do have to be dark colored.  And this I didn’t have!  So I started by using an old electric skillet bottom, but it had a white top.  It cooked okay, but I knew the dark pots would work better.  Looked at Wal-Mart.  Had one, but too expensive.  Looked at Target.  Also, too expensive.  Looked at a camping store.  Yep! too expensive.  I didn’t want to invest a lot of money in a pot that I really might not need.  So I decided to take the Garage Sale route — and I hate garage sales.  Then I remembered that I had just gotten a new set of pots last summer, so where was the old set?  Looked and looked and couldn’t find them.


– at last

– in the garage

– in a box

– under a lot of wood

– under a lot of clock patterns

– there were the old pots — perfect — and just waiting.

Of course, now that I found these old pots, I have found numerous other suitable pans in my kitchen.  Where were they hiding all that time?


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