Learning to Cook

The second day I decided to make an old family favorite recipe — Chicken and Rice.  Everything I read cautioned not to add too much water.  So I cut back on the water for this recipe.  Big mistake!  Rice needs water to rehydrate.  Fortunately there was enough to successfully cook everything, but it was a little drier than we like.  Still, I counted it as a success.  And was getting more and more excited about the possibilities of cooking in a solar oven.  I kept thinking that if we had had one of these when I was growing up and doing a lot of camping with my family, that cooking  and feeding our large crew would have been much easier for my mother.


One thought on “Learning to Cook

  1. Yep, I sure could have use one of those, but seems the meals I made at the lake were pretty good. And, seems like the boy scouts made reflective ovens by lining a paste board box with aluminim foil and placing them by the campfire when the sun wasn’t shining. Anyway, I am impressed.

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