Barbeque chicken & Brownies

Barbeque chicken legs & brownies ready to cook

On this day, the menu was barbeque chicken legs and brownies.  I simply put the chicken legs in the pan, and covered them with some bottled barbeque sauce.  For the brownies, I mixed up a small batter, and poured it into individual pans.   I covered the chicken, but the brownies were left uncovered.

The meal was left to cook about 4 hours.  We checked on it a few times, but the brownies did not seem to be cooking.  But when we took everything out of the oven, we discovered that – yes indeed – the brownies cooked.  In fact they were way over done.  Guess it just doesn’t take as long to cook those brownies as it does to cook the chicken.

The chicken legs, by the way, were wonderful.  Flavorful, and tender.

Barbeque chicken legs & brownies, cooked and ready to eat


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