Spring Cooking

It’s been several months since I’ve used my solar oven.  Just been too busy on the sunny days, and not enough sun on other days.  But spring is here and my thoughts turn back to solar cooking.

Yesterday morning after running errands, I got home about noon and decided to try something in the oven.  Didn’t know what — since everything was frozen. I pulled a small sirloin roast out  of the freezer and thawed it a few minutes in the microwave.  It was still half frozen, but I cut it into small cubes.  Then I dumped in some BBQ sauce and 1/2 pkg of dry onion soup mix.  Stirred it up and put in the oven.

To go with it I fixed a quick version of augratin potatoes.  I dumped in a cup of dehydrated potato shreds (I buy these at Costco in little milk carton shaped boxes.)  I did not rehydrate the potatoes per the directions.  Then I added frozen chopped onions, a can of cheese soup, and 1/2 can of water.  Ready for the oven.

I started the cooking at 12:45p.m. The temperature in the oven only got to about 225d. At 4:00 p.m., we lost the sun.  Was it long enough to cook ?  Almost!!  The potatoes were just slightly short of done — but could have been eaten.  The BBQ beef was done, but not tender, the way I like it.  Another hour of sunshine would have been perfect.


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