Barbequed Baby Back Ribs

Got up this morning and decided to use my solar oven.  As usual, I didn’t pre-plan this, so everything was frozen.  But I saw one lonely package of babyback ribs — somehow overlooked and forgotten by my husband the last time he fired up the smoker and fixed ribs (he did 18 racks of ribs that day — how did this one escape the fire?)

Ribs ready for cooking

We quickly defrosted the ribs.  He then seasoned them with a dry rub (the new one given to him by our granddaughter for his birthday last week) and cut the rack into sections to fit into the pan and covered the pan with the lid.  Usually, he likes to season them and let them rest overnight, but we didn’t have time today.

The ribs went into the oven at 9:50 a.m.  They baked for 3 hours and 45 minutes.  Then we took them out of the oven, drained off the juices and fat, and covered them in a bottled barbeque sauce.  At this point the ribs were already  nearly done, and very  tender.  Cover back in place, the ribs went back in the oven for about  2 more hours (although they were probably done sooner.)  Oh my!  The meat was falling off the bones, juicy and tender.  We each had one — then we each came back for another one later — and then we each snuck one again. When it was time for supper, we both had already eaten most of our dinner.

Baby back Ribs - finger licking good

Although my husband said he still preferred the ribs smoked, he agreed these ribs were delicious and a lot easier to cook than babysitting the smoker all day.


BBQ Babyback Ribs

  • 1 rack babyback ribs, cut into pieces to fit pan
  • dry rub seasoning
  • 1/2 – 1 bottle of BBQ sauce


Cut babyback ribs into pieces to fit the pan.  Rinse and dry.  Rub dry seasoning mix onto the ribs.  Bake in solar oven for 2 -3 hours.  Drain off liquid.  Cover with BBQ sauce.  Bake in oven for 1 -2 hours more.


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