Hot Cinnamon Rolls, dinner rolls, & biscuits

Cinnamon rolls ready to cook

Did I mention that I baked cinnamon rolls last week?  I wanted to try baking in the oven.  I used a can of pre-made cinnamon rolls (think canned biscuits).  It didn’t take long — about an hour.  Then added the pre-made glaze that comes in the can.  These were so good that even my husband — who doesn’t normally eat cinnamon rolls — had two!

Baked and ready for tasting

I have also given frozen dinner rolls a try.  The frozen rolls were put into  the pan to thaw and rise for about 3 hours, then into the oven for about 1 hour.   Although not browned like we are accustomed to seeing, the rolls were fully cooked and smelled as delicious as they tasted.  They didn’t make it until dinner time — they were gone in a flash.

And last , I tried the frozen biscuits.  Into the pan to thaw  for an hour, they didn’t really need time to rise.  Baked in the oven for an hour.  Again, done but not brown. Just as good as in my oven.  Added some homemade strawberry jam — what a treat.


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