I became interested in solar cooking while tending our booth at craft shows.  I quickly tire of fast food or cold sandwiches and wished for an easy way to cook a hot meal.  That lead me to buy my SOS Sport.  The Sport is good, but I found it too large and cumbersome to take to the craft shows.  It took up took much valuable space in the truck.  So I decided to take a step backwards to a simpler solar oven.  I bought a CooKit.  The CooKit is really just a piece of cardboard, shiny on one side, that folds up very small.  Perfect for travel.  The food is placed inside of a black pot, which is placed into a cooking bag, and then into the oven.  I gave it a first try this weekend with a pot of beans.  It worked wonderfully well.  I am quite pleased and will definitely be taking this to the craft shows this year.  Now I just have to decide what to make for lunch.

The CooKit

The CooKit can be purchased with or without a black pot.  A template for making a Cookit can be found on-line.


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