Chicken & Corn

The morning started off cloudy and I wasn’t certain that I would be able to cook in the solar oven today.  But the clouds burned off about noon and the sky was clear and hot.  Today’s high was about 110○. So I quickly pulled out the solar oven and got supper cooking. Tonight for dinner the menu was barbeque chicken and corn on the cob with biscuits. The chicken was actually boneless chicken thighs.  I covered the thighs with some barbeque sauce and put them into the oven at 12:30 p.m.  At the same time, I took some frozen biscuits out of the freezer, and put them into small pans to thaw.  At 2:15, I checked on the chicken.  It was cooking nicely.  The oven temperature was about 250 .   I poured off the cooked off fat and broth (I didn’t want stewed chicken)  and poured on additional barbeque sauce.  Back into the oven it went with the corn and the biscuits.  I had purchased the corn already shucked so all I did was put it into the pan with a little bit of butter.  At 4:45, the shadow from our tree was beginning to hit the oven, so I brought everything in.  The chicken was so tender we cut it with our forks.  The corn was delicious, cooked to perfection.  The smell of the biscuits rose from the oven when we lifted off the lid.  Hot with butter, they were perfect.  I served this with a side of Tuscan melon (a type of cantaloupe).  I’m already looking forward to having the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. 

BBQ Chicken & corn on the cob


4 thoughts on “Chicken & Corn

  1. Can I use non-stick pots (which are dark) and have a glass lid in my solar oven? I’m just curious if the non-stick coating is safe to use in a solar oven, since my pot is normally used on a range-top. I have a homemade box oven. (Just starting out!)

    • Hello Solar Friend, I am so glad that you are solar cooking. Yes, I think if the pot is safe for cooking, it is safe for solar cooking. Solar ovens generally reach temperatures of 300 – 350 degrees. Although the GSO claims to get as high as 400 degrees, mine never has –even in the middle of an Arizona summer. Most pots on a stove top probably reach a higher temperature. I think the real consideration is the pot handle. Can the pot handle withstand the temperature? Is the pot oven safe? Or will the pot handle melt? Generally an oven safe pot or pan is rated for temperatures between 375 and 500 degrees. I like glass lids because I can see what’s cooking. Happy cooking. Always glad to make a new solar friend.

  2. Hi! I am new to solar cooking. About 80% done making a modified “minimum solar cooker”.
    What kind of pans are you using there? And where did you get them?
    Tollie Mitchell in Burgaw, NC

    • Hi! I am using enamel ware (or granite ware) pots – thin pots covered with a speckled enamel. Some of my pots came with my first solar oven, the SOS Sport. I also bought one at Ace Hardware. I have also seen them at Wal-Mart. But any dark, thin wall pot/pan will do. I sometimes use a pot from my kitchen because it has a glass lid that I can see through. I also have some small, grey cookie sheets. I got them from Wal-mart, but they can be found lots of places – Target, the grocery store, etc. Hope your oven is successful. Thanks for stopping by.

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