Easy Frito Chili Pie

During the fall and winter months, we sell our custom handcrafted clocks at craft shows around the valley.  It is no secret that I dislike cold sandwiches, but eating out is expensive and not always very good.  I wanted to be able to easily cook a hot meal, but didn’t have a way to cook.  Sitting in the hot afternoon Arizona sun gave me ideas about solar cooking.   Now that I have my ‘Cookit” to take to the shows, I need some easy ideas for lunch.  Today for lunch, I made an old camping favorite — Frito Chili Pie.   I opened up the can of chili most of the way, but left the top on to contain the heat.  I placed the opened can of chili into the cooking bag, and then into the “Cookit”.  Really all I was doing was heating the canned chili.  An hour later, the chili was hot.  We poured the chili over a bowl of Fritos and added some grated cheese.  Oops!  forgot about the onion!  Oh well, it was still very good.  And very easy.  Maybe not gourmet quality.  Maybe not “real” cooking.  But surely good enough!


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