We love Mexican food, so I decided to try tacos in the solar oven.  When I pulled a pound of hamburger meat from the freezer, I decided to thaw the meat in the oven, and then break it up to finish cooking.  Good plan — if I had stuck to it.  I put the frozen hamburger into the oven around 9:00 a.m., intending to let it thaw for about an hour.  However, around 9:30, Rod wanted to make a quick trip to Costco (whoever heard of a quick trip to Costco?), so off we went.  Two hours later, after shopping and an early lunch, we arrived home to discover that, yes indeed, the meat had thawed — and cooked up quite nicely into hamburger patties.  (Actually, a little overcooked to our tastes.)  I broke apart the hamburger, seasoned it with a store bought taco seasoning mix, added about 3/4 the water called for, and put it back into the solar oven for an hour to simmer and season.  the result was deliciously seasoned meat, just perfect for the tacos, taco salad, burritos, or any other dish calling for taco meat.

2 half pound hamburger patties -- frozen

Cooked hamburger patties

Taco meat


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