Even A Kid Can Do It

Solar cooking is so easy that even a kid can do it.  This weekend our 6yr old granddaughter came over and spent the night. Saturday morning, Rod and Kaylynn stirred up a batch of fudge brownies.  Kaylynn did all of the measuring and stirring and mixing.  While Rod did all of the overseeing.  Kaylynn, of course, was a old pro at this because she had also helped her mother bake brownies.  But Mom baked her brownies in an electric oven.  Kaylynn baked her brownies in the solar oven.  After putting the brownies in to bake, Kaylynn enjoyed a  short movie.  We checked the brownies after an hour, but they weren’t quite ready, so we let them bake about a half hour more.  The high oven temp was about 250 degrees.  Kaylynn could tell that it was very hot in the solar oven.  And she could smell the brownie aroma when we took the pan out of the oven.  She was very interested to learn that she could cook with just sunlight.  Kaylynn taste tested the brownies while they were still hot and decided they were very chocolatey and very delicious.  She took them home with her Saturday afternoon and very proudly served them to dinner guests that night.

Putting the brownies into the solar oven

Fresh and hot solar brownies made by Kaylynn


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