Camp Supper

I pulled out an old, but simple, camping  recipe that I used to make.  I don’t know if it came from the Boy Scouts or the Girl Scouts or some other camping cookbook.  Everything was placed on a square of aluminum foil, folded up into a neat little package, and placed on the campfire coals, or placed on the grill.  For the solar version, I layered all the ingredients into the pot, starting with the corn, then the potatoes, and finally the hamburger on top.  This baked in the solar oven at midday for 2 hours.  This is a very simple and tasty dish, with lots of familiar flavors.  A wonderful midday meal.

Camp Supper

1 (or 2 frozen) hamburger patty per serving

1 Cup Frozen Hashed Brown Potatoes per serving, or one thinly sliced potato

1/2 cup Frozen Corn per serving

frozen or fresh diced onion to taste (opt)

3 pats of Butter or more to taste and quantity
Salt and pepper to taste.  Other seasonings if desired.

Arrange in layers – corn on the bottom, then the onions, potatoes, butter, & seasoning, and the hamburger patties on top. Cover and bake in solar oven for about two hours. Serves one, but can easily be doubled.

Camp Supper ready for the solar oven.

Camp Supper ready for lunch


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