Solar oven vs. Electric Oven

When we leave for work in the mornings, it is still dark.  And we don’t get home until dinnertime — making it very hard to cook in a solar oven.  But this morning, we thought how nice it would be to come home to baked sweet potatoes for supper.  Since a sweet potato will not spoil sitting out waiting for the sun, we decided to try an “ALL DAY SOLAR COOKOUT”.   We angled the solar oven to receive the most sun — just a little bit before noon in this case.  Then we discovered that we had too many sweet potatoes to fit into the solar oven.  So — stupid as it sounds — we put the remainder of the potatoes into the electric oven and set the electric oven to come on at the right time.

When we got home, the solar oven was completely shaded and cooled off, but the sweet potatoes had cooked perfectly and were still warm.  The potatoes in the electric oven were also done, of course.  But in comparing the two methods, Rod decided that he definitely liked the texture of the solar potatoes better.

Sweet potatoes ready for the solar oven


2 thoughts on “Solar oven vs. Electric Oven

  1. I cook at work in a global sunoven…. if you have a break every two hours at work, it’s easy to cook some delightful meals…. I put something in the oven at 9:30 A.M. (when my shift starts)… re-aim the oven at 12:30, and eat at 2:30 after I’ve worked half of my day.

    • Hello Solar Friend, That is really great to be able to cook a meal at work. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to do that. I park too far from my car, and it would be unwise to leave it unattended. It would not be allowed up close to my professional building, plus I would still be too far from it to attend it and monitor it. Believe me, I have certainly tried to think of a way to make it work. I am glad that you can and hope that others can too. Happy cooking.

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