A Day in the Park with Paul Munsen

This morning I had the pleasure of meeting Paul Munsen, the president of Sun Ovens International, Inc..  He gave a presentation of the Global Sun Oven at a local park.  The day was a nice day for cooking, a little bit hazy, but still sunny enough to cook beans and rice, bread, and cookies.  He gave a great overview of the many benefits of solar cooking, both at home and around the world.  And he had some really good tips to get the most out of the GSO.  Plus it was just fun to see so many people interested in solar cooking.  What a great morning!

Global Sun Oven


One thought on “A Day in the Park with Paul Munsen

  1. He’s a wonderful man who has done a lot for solar cooking both here and in the Third World countries. You’re a lucky lady to have met him in person. We’ve spoken on the phone several times but I’ve never had the honor. Let’s hope his message is heard, loud and clear.

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