Wax Muffins (Homemade Firestarters)


Wax Muffins (fire starters)

Our cars has never seen the inside of our garage.  That space is home to Desert Scrolling.  Rod cuts beautiful clocks in his garage wood shop, many of them are our own custom designs, and we sell them at craft shows around our area.  One of the by-products of cutting wood is sawdust — lots and lots of sawdust.  I turn some of that sawdust in wonderful little Wax Muffin firestarters.  In the past, I melted the paraffin in a double boiler, and then in the crockpot.  But by far the easiest is the solar oven.


  • Paraffin, wax, or dripless candles
  • sawdust
  • mini-muffin liners

Place the wax, paraffin, or dripless candles in an old can or pot.  ( I used old Christmas candles in a #10 can).

Old Christmas candles

Candles melting in GSO

Place the can or pot into the solar oven ( I used the GSO)  Melting the wax will take several hours, depending on how much wax and, of course, the temperature of the oven.

While the wax is melting, place the mini-muffin liners into a cardboard egg carton and fill with sawdust.  When the wax is melted, pour the wax into the liners.  Press the sawdust down into the wax.  Add more sawdust and wax until the muffin liners are filled.

Let the wax muffins cool.  Remove from egg carton.

To use:  Place a wax muffin under kindling in a safe firebox.  Light the paper with a match.

These firestarters work great in a grill, campfire, fireplace, or firepit.

Wax muffins in egg carton holder

Wax Muffins (fire starters)


2 thoughts on “Wax Muffins (Homemade Firestarters)

  1. Fantastic! Just one more thing in praise of the GSO! Thanks for sharing — and, don’t think I’m not going to use this and be ready for next winter! You’re way too cool, lady!

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