Great Solar Cookout

Great Solar Cookout 2011

Great Solar Cookout 2011

We attended a wonderful event in the park on Saturday, April 16, 2011 –  The Great Solar Cookout.  The day was perfect for solar cooking – not a cloud to be seen, just clear blue sky.    A steel drum band, playing under a shade tree, contributed a light-hearted, festive air.

Great Solar Cookout 2011 steel drum band

Steel drum band at Great Solar Cookout 2011

The organizers, Tom & Dave  (hope I remembered the names right), did a terrific job promoting solar cooking.  There were about  6 – 7 Global Sun Oven’s (GSO) in operation,  cooking  breads and casseroles.  A roast was cooking in a SOS Sport.  Dave was demonstrating a parabolic solar cooker.  They had even set up the classic sunshade oven.     For a small fee, people could make and take a cardboard oven.  People were interested in all of the different types of ovens and were amazed and impressed.  I, of course, jumped right into the middle of Tom and Dave’s event and explained the ovens to anybody who would listen .  I hope Tom and Dave didn’t mind too much.   I talked to several people who intended to get an oven based on the demonstrations at this event.  I talked to a teacher who now intends to do a solar cooking project with her students.  It was a nice event.   Thank you to everyone who helped organize and promote the cookout.  I look forward to next year’s event.

Great Solar Cookout 2011

Parabolic solar cooker at Great Solar Cookout 2011

Dave demonstrates a parabolic solar cooker at the Great Solar Cookout 2011

Solar ovens at Great Solar Cookout 2011

Solar ovens at Great Solar Cookout 2011


12 thoughts on “Great Solar Cookout

  1. Terrific, this facts is exactly what I was searching for. I am unmistakably thankful to this topic because it beyond doubt gives beneficial information. Very well written blog. I look forward to seeing more. This blog is bookmarked! I really love the stuff you have put here.

    • Where are you located, Sharlene? Because August in Arizona is so-o-o-o hot Hot HOT, that it is impossible to hold outdoor events. There are plenty of outdoor events September though April, but in the summertime everyone heads out of town to the cool mountain towns. There was a big solar cookout in Tucson yesterday as well. I wish there were more because it really is fun to talk to people who have never seen or heard of solar cooking before. Hey, maybe I’ll plan one myself for my neighborhood – like a neighborhood party. That would be really fun too. Good luck on your event. I’m sure it will be a huge success.

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