Solar Baked Bacon

Bacon!  How many ways can it be cooked?  Let’s see.  You can fry it in a pan, broil it in the broiler, bake it in the oven, and cook it in the microwave.  And of course, it can be “solared” in a solar oven.  Place strips of bacon in a pan (or on a wire rack if desired) and place in pre-heated solar oven, today I used the SOS Sport.  About an 2 – 2.5 hours later, you have delicious bacon to enjoy with your solar omelet  or use in a BLT sandwich.

bacon, solar oven, solar cooking

Solar cooked bacon


One thought on “Solar Baked Bacon

  1. Hope you fixed a whole pound so that you had it ready for that fabulous end of summer BLTs, too… Love bacon and love it solar-cooked. Just yummy. Thanks for sharing. How hot did your Sport Oven get?

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