Brownies in the Solar Oven

These brownies were baked in a solar oven.

Solar Baked Brownies

Brownies are easy to make and are loved by almost everyone.  In fact, Brownies are about as All-American as baseball and apple pie.  There are hundreds of recipes  and lots of box mixes.  But they are all still BROWNIES!!   Brownies are a sure crowd please-er in any crowd.  And the solar crowd is no different.  Except we bake our brownies in solar oven.  People interested in buying a solar oven, or who have just gotten one, sometimes ask me what they should cook first.  I usually will say “BROWNIES!!”  Why? Because it is almost a guaranteed success.  And a success the first time out of the box makes believers and new solar cookers.

Last April, my friend Troy at Preparing Wisely gave me a can of Augason Farms Chocolate Fudge Brownie mix with the supplies for the Great Solar Cookout.  The great thing about this Brownie mix is that it is complete – just add water.  So it is great to take camping, to have for emergencies, or to just have.  This mix makes a chocolatey cake type brownie (if you like a moister, denser brownie – just add a little extra water).  

Augason Farms Chocolate Fudge Brownie mix makes a moist cake type brownie.

Augason Farms Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix

Simply prepare the mix with water as directed on the label, put into a pre-heated solar oven, and bake uncovered about 2 hours.  Let cool (if you can stand the wait), cut, and eat.  Simple and simply delicious.

Brownies are easy to bake in a solar oven.

Brownies ready to be placed in the solar oven


3 thoughts on “Brownies in the Solar Oven

  1. Decadent and yummy-looking. You’re right, a great introduction to solar cooking for everyone! These look delish. My sister received quite a few mixes from her students, this year, so I may just give them a try at the cookout.

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