Beans, Beans, Beans, and Solar Cooked Beans

We LOVE beans at this house.  Over the years, I have cooked beans almost every way possible — stove top, pressure cooker, slow cooker, in the oven.  But when I began solar cooking, I immediately began cooking my beans in the solar oven.  And in the past, I have shared with you how to cook pinto beans, lima beans,  and quick baked beans,  Beans are really easy.  Just soak in water, and put in solar oven to cook. Since beans need a long time to cook, so it is a good thing to put out when you have can plan ahead and have the whole day to cook.  In fact, the longer the beans simmer, the softer and better they are.  But on the flip side, if you don’t have all day, it is nearly impossible to get the beans done.

Last April, when I participated in the Great Solar Cookout in Tempe, Arizona, I wanted to cook beans but didn’t think I would have time.  Troy, over at Preparing Wisely in Mesa, Arizona,  who provided my supplies – Thanks Troy! – had a great solution.  Pre-Cooked Dehydrated Pinto Beans!  Yes!!  I could hardly believe it!! 

Pre-cooked whole pinto beans,

American Family Supply Quick Cook Whole Pinto Beans

American Family Supply Quick Cook Whole Pinto Beans

The big questions in my mind were, first, how long would it take to cook the beans; and second, how good would they taste?  As it turned out, it only took about 2 hours to cook the beans.  And they turned out FANTASTIC!!  I love these beans.  Fast, easy, delicious.  These beans cook fast enough that my husband can put them out when he gets home from work at 3 pm and are done by supper time.

Directions are on the can.  Just cover beans with water and let simmer.  These would be perfect for camping or emergency storage or everyday use – which is what I plan to do.

Pre-cooked pinto beans cooked in the solar oven

Quick Cook Pinto Beans in the solar oven


One thought on “Beans, Beans, Beans, and Solar Cooked Beans

  1. Okay, lady, ONE more thing I’ve got to dehydrate, this summer. I can definitely see the advantage. Usually, I soak double or triple my recipe need and go ahead and cook all the beans, freezing what I don’t use. BUT, if I dehydrate what I’ve cooked, then they are super light to carry along and the cooking time is perfect. Thanks for sharing and the information. Right now, I’m dehydrating some garden-fresh tomato sauce and the house smells yummy!

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