Solar Cooked Corn on the Cob

Solar cooking ears of corn

3 Ears of corn in the Sport ready to be cooked

Recently I saw a You Tube video of a man cooking corn on the cob in the microwave with all of the husks on.  Now I have cooked plenty of corn on the cob – with husks and without husks.  But his method was new to me.  Maybe this is how you always do it, but I had never seen it this way.  Even my aunts on the farm, with those big farm gardens, did not prepare it this way.  So who has been keeping this a secret?  Anyway, after seeing the video, I knew immediately that this was perfect for the solar oven.

Saturday morning while we were out and about doing errands, we went past a huge cornfield (yes, there are cornfields in Arizona! Don’t be so surprised!).  And right there was a roadside stand selling ears and ears and ears of corn, freshly picked that morning.  So we stopped and bought a dozen ears of corn, a sack full of vine ripened tomatoes, several pounds of zucchini and yellow crook neck squash, and 1 beautiful watermelon.  (As my daughter would say, “YUM!”)

We got back home at 1:00 p and I immediately pulled out the solar oven and got that corn cooking.


Take fresh ears of corn, husks on, as many as you like, and place directly into the solar oven.  On this day, I used the SOS Sport.  Since I don’t like putting things directly on the floor of my oven, I put the corn on a cookie sheet.  Whenever I use the cookie sheet, I place several canning jar rings underneath it to hold it up.  It makes the cookie sheet fit better, and it allows the air to circulate underneath the pan.  The ears of corn baked for 2 hours, middle of the day with full sun.  I never went out to check the actual temperature, but after 2 hours the corn was hot and definitely done, and absolutely delicious.

Now here is where the difference comes.

Place the cooked corn on a cutting board and cut off the stem end of the corn.  Pick the corn up by the other end. Give it a shake.  The cooked corn slides right out of the husks – silk and all. So so easy.

corn on the cob cooked in the solar oven

Cut the stem end off of the cooked corn.

solar cooked corn on the cob

Pick the corn up by the cut end.

corn on the cob cooked in the solar oven

The corn slides right out of the husks – silk and all.

Perfect corn and perfectly delicious.

solar cooked corn on the cob

Perfect corn with no silk and no hassle

PS.  Thanks Ken  Shucking Corn–Clean Ears Every time


One thought on “Solar Cooked Corn on the Cob

  1. Wow! I’ve cooked in the husks, before, but never with the silk included. This is a fabulous idea and one I’m going to use at the Market. Thank God I’ve got a few years left to put this knowledge to use before my teeth give out! Fantastic and so obvious, once you see it. Thanks for sharing and come visit when you can.

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