Chicken Enchiladas baked in a Solar Oven

Last week I received an email from a solar friend in Texas that included recipes and pictures of 2 meals cooked in her solar oven.  These look so delicious that I knew I would love them and so will you.  But instead of  just using her ideas, I wanted to give her the proper credit.  So with her permission, I am posting the first recipe and picture this week.
From Kiri–
Just wanted to share the last two recipes I made in the solar oven.  Both were delicious.

 Chicken Enchiladas

chicken enchiladas solar cooking

Chicken Enchiladas baked in the solar oven

Sams Club sells cooked diced chicken in 13oz cans.  I took one can of chicken, mixed it with some canned enchilada sauce.  Then taking soft corn tortillas, I placed a little bit of the chicken mixture across the center of each tortilla, sprinkled some shredded jack and cheddar cheese on the chicken.  I then threw in some black olives.  Rolled each tortilla up and placed it in a 9 by 9 baking pan.  Once the pan was full of rolled up tortillas, I covered the top with Salsa (was out of the enchilada sauce as I had taken leftover sauce out of the freezer).  I then covered the enchiladas with more shredded cheese.  I had set up the Sun Oven before starting, so when I put the enchiladas in the oven it was at 300.  About an hour later the temp had dropped to 275 but I had hot enchiladas all ready for dinner.  A nice green salad topped off the meal. – Kiri
Thanks Kiri for this great idea. I have your enchilada’s baking in the solar oven right now.   Here’s another version of chicken enchiladas.  Can hardly wait for supper time.

One thought on “Chicken Enchiladas baked in a Solar Oven

  1. Oh, this is great and PERFECT for the Midtown Market. We’re supposed to have thundershowers all day, tomorrow, so it will be mostly discussing solar cooking. Most folks understand. I could my Wonder Pot for some baked beans, but I don’t usually open that but what a perfect meal for the big cookout!

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