Hard Baked Whole Eggs in the Solar Oven.

Hard cooked egg

Hard cooked egg in solar oven for 60 minutes

Hard Baked Whole Eggs in the Solar Oven.

Sometimes I get so involved in thinking up something new for the solar oven, that I forget that cooking isn’t always about making something grand.  Oftentimes, I forget that simple things can be made in the solar oven as well.  Such as hard boiled or rather baked eggs.  Hard boiled eggs become part of many other dishes – tuna & potato salads, deviled eggs, chef salads, etc.  Recently on a message board that I belong to, Velda, one of the members was describing how easy it is to bake whole eggs in the solar oven.  This really intrigued me.  So I set out to see for myself.  And the results were marvelous.  No boiling water to watch. No cracked eggs with whites bulging out in the water.  Easy to peel eggs.
I started with six raw eggs, placed in my pan, which I covered while cooking.  I placed them into a cold solar oven, because I didn’t want the oven heat to bust my eggs.  I took the first egg out at 30 minutes.  It was still quite runny in the middle — not cooked.  I took the second egg out after 1 hour.  (I had intended to take it out after 45 minutes, but the time got away from me.)  After 1 hour the egg was cooked perfectly, so I brought in the other four eggs.  These eggs were extremely hot — way too hot to touch.  It is interesting that they turned a spotted brown.  Good thing Velda  mentioned that they would.  After the eggs cooled, they were easy to peel and  I made tuna salad for lunch.

Thanks for the tip Velda.

Hard cooked egg

Egg baked in the solar oven for 30 minutes

eggs hard cooked in the solar oven

Eggs baked whole in the solar oven


6 thoughts on “Hard Baked Whole Eggs in the Solar Oven.

  1. Thanks for the name mention! I do a dozen eggs at a time, as somehow it is easier for me to grab a egg, peel (so easy done in solar) and eat for my breakfast protein. Just don’t have the patience husband does to make a omelet. Happy Solar Cooking.

  2. I wonder why they turn brown, like that. I’ve done the same thing, along with unpeeled potatoes, and they didn’t discolor. Did you prick the end with a pin, first? I’m having a big solar cookout on Sat. August 4th and introducing my Solar Chief oven to the world. Plan on cooking some eggs in bell pepper rings. IF it doesn’t rain. Haven’t been able to cook for the last two Saturdays because o rainy mornings. Keep your fingers crossed for me, okay? Come visit when you can.

    • I do not prick any holes in the eggs I do and have not had a problem. We are not sure what the tan dots are that sometimes appear, but they wash right off under running water as I am peeling an egg. The eggs are wonderful and easy to peel.

    • Sharlene, I don’t know what the brown spots are. But it didn’t affect the egg. Although I considered it, I did not prick any holes in the eggs. Turns out, there was no need.

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