Solar Cooking on the Car Dashboard

Baking cookies on the dashboard of a car

Recently there was an article on on how to stay cool in the Phoenix heat that included baking cookies on a car dashboard.  And I saw this photo last week, posted by a friend on Facebook.  It was a featured photo on the Facebook page “Your Reason to Laugh.  So of course I had to check it out.  There were all kinds of comments, ranging from “It must be Texas — California — Arizona –Florida — Missouri –etc” to “I cooked biscuits — pot roast — eggs — apples — etc” to ” I wonder if this really works” and “Is this a joke?”  Well we know that solar cooking is not a joke.  I used to always comment that the dashboard of my car got hot enough to bake cookies.  But I want to caution any of you who might contemplate baking cookies like this.  I do not advocate baking cookies or other foods on the dashboard. There are many different plastics used on the inside of a car.  The heat causes out-gassing from the plastic.
An article from Air Purifier News: that “New Car Smell” states “Vehicles’ interiors are a laboratory for outgassing of toxic chemicals from upholstery, paint and plastics.  When the air temperature inside a car is that hot, plastic and painted surfaces are much hotter, causing unhealthy VOC concentrations in newer cars.” 
I love cookies.  I love fresh, homemade, hot baked cookies.  But I do not want the secret ingredient to be toxic chemicals from the inside of my car.

Cookies baking on the dashboard


3 thoughts on “Solar Cooking on the Car Dashboard

  1. I suppose it’s okay if your car is older than 2-3 years and has done outgassing the flame retardants, plastic softeners and other nasties. After all, it is called NEW car smell. Until then, open the windows! I left my newish car standing for six weeks this summer and nearly fainted when I saw (post, 24 August) how the new car smell had collected visibly on the inside of the windshield. Eeuw.

  2. Yeah, I’m with you, on this. I’d be afraid of all kinds of different toxic chemicals invaded my cookies — or, any uncovered item. Would have to affect the taste, too. Of course, if they’re Alice B Toklas Brownies, that might be a different story!! lol Come visit when you can.

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