Solar Baked Peaches

A few days ago, my husband came in with a huge box of peaches and a huge box of apples that he bought from a friend who’s church was selling them as a fundraiser.  We have been very busy putting up that fruit.  We have frozen, dehydrated, cooked, and eaten most of it.  But today, there were a few peaches left over; and I wanted to make a quick easy dessert that wouldn’t completely send my diet out the window and my husband’s blood sugar out the roof.  I found this nice little recipe on Peach Depot for baked peaches that fit the bill perfectly.  They also suggest adding blueberries on top of the peaches.  Made me wish I had some blueberries.

Peaches baked in the Solar oven

Solar Baked Peaches

Solar Baked peaches

2 fresh peaches
2 tsp. butter, divided
2- 3 tsp. brown sugar, divided
sprinkling of cinnamon
whipped cream, yogurt, or whipped dessert topping, optional

Pre-heat the solar oven while preparing the ingredients. 

Rinse peaches to wash, halve the peaches, and remove the pits. Place the peaches, peel side down in a baking dish.

Place about 1/2 tsp. butter in the hollow of each peach and on top of each dab of butter sprinkle about 1 1/2 tsp. brown sugar.

Bake peaches uncovered in the solar oven for about 1 hour or until the peaches are tender.

This is a quick cooking dish.  Be careful not to overcook the peaches.

Serve warm with a dollop of whipped cream, yogurt, or whipped dessert topping (optional).  I served mine warm with vanilla ice cream.  OHHHHH! SO GOOD!  (Opps!! Forgot to get a picture of the peaches with the ice cream)

Solar Baked Peaches

Prepared peaches ready to be baked in the solar oven.

Solar Baked Peaches

Peaches baking in the GSO solar oven


2 thoughts on “Solar Baked Peaches

  1. I’ve never been a fan of cooked peaches (my husband adored them!) but you might have converted me with this recipe! Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to try it!

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