Solar Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

One of the best things about a pumpkin is the pumpkin seeds.  Roasted and salted, pumpkin seeds make a great little snack.  Of course, roasting pumpkin seeds is no secret.  But, not only do I bake my pumpkin in the solar oven, I also roast the seeds.  And the pumpkin seeds are almost as crisp as baking in a kitchen oven.  Technique is the same.  Wash and rinse the seeds.  Put in to a pan.  Add some butter and some salt.  Put in to a hot oven and bake.  I left the seeds in the solar oven for about two hours. 

Pumpkin seeds roasted in a solar oven.

Pumpkin seeds baked in the solar oven.

Here are some other ways to bake pumpkin seeds:


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