Sunflair Solar Oven Review: Part One

I am so excited !!  I have a brand new solar oven.  It is the SunFlair Solar Oven.  The reason that I was attracted to this oven is because of its portability.  The big ovens are nice, but  they are difficult and cumbersome to tote around — not to mention how much space they take.

This little oven is made of a light weight UV-resistant plastic that reminds me of fold up windshield screens. It folds up to a very small size that fits into a carry bag.  The oven comes with 2 collapsible silicone pots, 1 baking tray, 1 rack, 1 thermometer, 1 WAPI (Water Pasteurization Indicator), and a carrying bag (oops!  I forgot to take a picture of the oven in the carry bag).

The SunFlair Solar Oven can be taken anywhere because it is light weight and portable.

The SunFlair Solar Oven is a small, light weight oven that folds up into a carry bag for easy portability.

The oven opens up into a hexagon shape and has a zippered plastic cover that holds in the heat and “makes” the oven.  I had trouble getting the zipper tab locked together, but once it was together, it did zip nicely around the edge.  The trade off for light weight and portable is a lower temperature.  Although it won’t get as hot as the bigger ovens, it is advertised to get up to 250°, and that is certainly hot enough to cook a meal.  Of course, the lower temperature also means a longer cooking time – again, a trade off that I am willing to accept for a portable oven.

The collapsible silicon pots are very interesting.  It is nice to know that wherever I take this oven, I will have an available pot.  However, the pots are very small.  They  are only about 4 inches deep and 7 inches in diameter.   I consider them to be a “personal” size , so two will be enough for us.  But with a larger family, this would not be enough.  However, in a true emergency situation, these small pots would still heat enough water to make coffee, cocoa, soup, oatmeal, etc for everyone.  One more thought about these little pots, they are collapsible and you must be careful not to accidently collapse the pot!  In order to safely move the pots, a baking tray is included.  Put the pots on the tray, fill, and then move to the Sunflair.  Of course, you don’t have to use the silicon pots, any dark thin wall pot will also work.

The SunFlair Solar Oven includes 2 collapsible silicon pots

The SunFlair solar oven comes with two collapsible silicon pots that are about 7″ across and 4″ deep.

I really like the rack that comes with the oven.  The rack lifts the pots off of  the floor of the oven which helps heat the bottom of the pots and provides for more uniform cooking. Plus it allows for stack cooking which is always important.

At less that $100, the SunFlair is very affordable.  I bought the expanded set that comes with an extra rack , an extra baking tray, and a 3 qt pot for $108.

I am anxious to give this oven a try.  I’ll let you know how it works out.

P.S. I purchased the SunFlair Solar Oven from Amazon and was not paid for this review.


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