Glendale AZ Solar Day

Today Rod and I joined fellow solar cookers, Tom & Mike, at the Glendale [Arizona] Solar Day held at the Glendale Library.  Our intent was to set up the cookers and – well – cook.  However, the weather did not co-operate.  It wasn’t just cloudy.  It was raining.  We get so little rain, and we need it so badly, that I wasn’t about to complain.  So we moved on to Plan B. We set up inside the Library with no cooking.  And it still turned out great.  Our group was the star of the show.  Because of the rain, I prepared a PowerPoint presentation with pictures of many of the delicious foods I have cooked,  and hooked up my laptop with the presentation running.  The pictures were really helpful.  I set up the GSO, the Sport, the new SunFlair, the CookIt, and the windshield screen ovens.  Tom brought his homemade oven.  And Mike brought a GSO on a turntable.  We talked to a lot of people. Different people were drawn to different ovens for different reasons, but the SunFlair drew a lot of interest. If I had been selling solar cookers, I would have sold a lot today, despite the rain.  Do you think GSO, Sport,or SunFlair will give me a commission?   We also spent a great deal of time explaining you don’t have to have a fancy store bought solar oven, that there are many ways to make one at home.  Tom’s homemade cooker, painted bright blue, was certainly an eye catcher.  Mike mounted his GSO on a  turntable to make it easy to turn the oven to track the sun.   Although we were rained out,  we still had a great time showing off solar ovens and bragging about the benefits of solar cooking.  See you next year at the Glendale Solar Day.

Solar Cooking demo in Glendale Arizona March 2013
Glendale Solar Day presentation March 2013

Here’s another Solar Cooking event:

31st Solar Potluck and Exhibition, Tucson, AZ Saturday April 6, 2013 in Catalina State Park

The Great Solar Cookout, Tempe, AZ, Saturday, April 13, 2013, Daley Park

We set up last year at the Great Solar Cookout and had a really great time.  Come out and join us this year.

Great Solar Cookout
Great Solar Cookout

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