Guest Blogging on Solar Breeze

Wow, I’m really excited.  I just wrote my first guest blog. 

We met Paul & Karen from Solar Pool Technologies Inc at the 2013 Glendale AZ Solar Day   in March.  Karen was kind enough to ask me to write a guest blog and I eagerly accepted.  So check it out. It is posted at and at

Solar Breeze

Solar Breeze

Solar Breeze is a solar robotic pool cleaner.  Apparently, you can be relaxing poolside while the sun cleans the pool and cooks dinner.  Doesn’t get any easier than that!


One thought on “Guest Blogging on Solar Breeze

  1. Merry, I can’t believe that was your first guest blog! You are a pro. It doesn’t hurt that you have something interesting to say. Solar energy is probably the most generous form of renewable resource. People have been harnessing it for thousands of years for food preparation. Think about pemmican and dried salt cod. Its application in cleaning pools is much more recent.

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